URB SEA - Beaufort in Zeebrugge

URB SEA paviljoen - Triennale Brugge meets Beaufort

URB SEA strandpaviljoen | strandzone ter hoogte van Zeedijk 25

The Installation

Who's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab

"Who's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab" by the Brussels architecture and design collective Rotor is a diptych. At the Bruges Triennial, Rotor presents their research into the Chinese mitten crab in the Poortersloge "What’s Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab", while in their pop-up restaurant at the seaside Zeebrugge, informative tasting sessions on and with invasive exotic species, including the Chinese mitten crab are organised once a month.



Rotor, founded in 2005, is a Brussels architecture collective focused on the cycle of industrial and construction materials. Critic of existing regulatory and cultural standards, Rotor has worked in recent years with architects and decision makers to stress the ecological and economic importance of recycling in construction, disseminate their research in publications (including their Vademecum) and through conferences. Rotor DC - Deconstruction and the commercial site that accompanies it give economic value to recycled building materials.

The team is made up of architects, designers and other professionals in the engineering and materials sciences, including Lionel Billiet, Lionel Devlieger, Tristan Boniver, Gabrielle Leyden, Maarten Gielen, Michael Ghyoot, Benjamin Lasserre, Melanie Tamm and Renaud Haerlingen. In 2010, they represented Belgium at the 12th International Architecture Biennale of Venice with “Usus / Usures”, in 2013 they were the curatorial team for Oslo Triennale of Architecture “Behind the Green Door”. In 2016, they were nominated for OVAM Ecodesign PRO Award.

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The beach pavilion


The new beach pavilion URB SEA is much more than just a location for Beaufort and Triennale Bruges 2018. During the summer months you will also find the beach library and the sports loan service. But above all: it's the pop-up bar where you may enjoy a refreshing glass in good company from April to mid-September. June: 12 to 18 hours July and August: 11 to 22 hours September : till 15 September : 12 tot 18 hours

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URB SEA is a collaboration of Beaufort and the Bruges Triennial