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THE REPLICA (Brussels WTC1) is the temporary installation designed and manufactured by Recyclart Fabrik to accommodate the exhibitions provided for in the Recyclart Vitrin 21 in Kapellekerk. Wesley Meuris inaugurates this new showpiece.

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WTC 1 - Brussel
13:00 - Jun 02

The exhibition


The installation in THE REPLICA refers to Wesley Meuris' data island during the art and architecture triennial in Bruges. The work of artist Wesley Meuris (b. 1977) has a strong architectural and even scientific character and cannot be easily explained. His sculptures and installations are often accompanied by drawings and analytical diagrams that seek to reinforce his intention. It is as if he wants to show 'seeing' and 'observing' and encourages the viewer to appropriate the object or installation: a notepad, a promotional campaign, a display case, a swimming pool.2 June - 8 July Wed-Sun 13.00 - 18.00 Thu 13.00 - 21.00


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The Bruges Triennial is a collaboration between Brugge Plus, Musea Brugge, Kenniscentrum vzw and Cultuurcentrum, commissioned by the City of Bruges